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Equipos Médico-Biológicos de Baleares, S.L. was founded in 1995 as the second company within the group and bases its business in the Balearic Islands.

As a company within the Grupo EMB, our work focuses on the marketing and distribution of medical equipment and supplies for Assisted Human Reproduction and Gynaecological Techniques. We also install, inspect and repair all our equipment as part of our service through the company  EMB Servicio Técnico, S.L.

Since 2008, we have enlarged our product catalogue by offering a new line specialising in animal reproduction that is handled by another company in the Group, Equipos Veterinario-Biológicos, S.L.

EMB de Baleares organises and runs the Product Headquarters for our gynaecological line, designing the EMB sales network, researching new products and providing support both to the sales teams and directly to customers.

From the outset, the excellent quality of our products, among the best on the international market, our prompt service and close contact with our customers have been the cornerstones of our company philosophy. In this respect, our team is one of the greatest assets of the company.

Thanks to our enthusiasm and dedication, we are committed to offering a best-in-class service to our customers. We therefore provide a fast, personalised service that meets their individual demands and needs. As well as this, our well-stocked warehouses allow us to offer optimum delivery times.

Our office is placed in a modern and comfortable facilitiy located in the Cabaneta area on the island of Mallorca, and this easily accessible location enhances our productivity and competitiveness. However, we remember with nostalgia our first offices in Gabriel Carbonell Street in the heart of Palma de Mallorca.


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