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Equipos Médico-Biológicos Servicio Técnico, S.L. has its headquarters in Barcelona and started its activity on January 31, 1997. It is the official technical service for the different specialised brands distributed by the Grupo EMB for the AHR, Gynaecology and Veterinary sectors.

For more than twelve years EMB Servicio Técnico has been involved in the installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of the various kinds of equipment supplied by the Grupo EMB in Spain and Portugal.

Customer care is our priority and we offer a top quality service in each and every intervention thanks to the dedication and hard work of the professionals that make up our team. Our highly skilled personnel receive ongoing training in all the equipment brands they handle. This training is both approved and provided by the very equipment manufacturers and distributors.

Keeping our technical know-how updated allows us to offer maximum competitiveness and the highest levels of efficiency. Our experience gained over the years has shown us that the periodic inspection of equipment is the best way to keep the systems in constant working order. These inspections, which vary according to the model used in each laboratory, minimise breakdowns and monitor the state of the equipment.

In the installation, repair and inspection of the different equipment, we follow procedures and practices laid down by the manufacturer. This ensures absolute reliability in our work and avoids malfunctions. Thanks to our new data base, we are able to obtain a comprehensive analysis of the causes of the fault during each repair. This enables us to find a quick and effective solution. Furthermore, our technical assistance over the phone and high levels of stocks shorten our response time.



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