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EMB Servicio Técnico is continuously improving its quality of service in order to maximize customer satisfaction and to this end its different departments offer the following line of services.

Sales Department

The Sales Department manages customers’ inquiries and requests in a personalized and customized way. It is also responsible for budget elaboration as well as managing service requests, failure notifications and replacement parts orders.

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Sales Management
Natalia López

Administration Department

Accounting and Administration management.
Purchasing and logistics management.

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Administration Management
Eulalia Mocholí
Elsa Zapata

Technical Department

Installation of equipment supplied by Grupo EMB to our customers’ laboratories.

EMB Servicio Técnico follows the protocols and procedures defined by the manufacturer when setting up any equipment, thus guaranteeing maximum reliability and avoiding incidental malfunctioning.

Periodic inspections.

Depending upon the installed equipment in each laboratory, EMB Servicio Técnico applies the specific protocols defined by each manufacturer in routine inspections and replaces damaged parts, thus achieving a substantial cut in equipment failures.

Technical support with personalized phone assistance.

Corrective maintenance.

EMB Servicio Técnico performs a complete analysis of the cause of each breakdown, which allows us to quickly find an effective corrective solution.

Equipment relocation.

In the event of facility relocation, EMB Servicio Técnico dismantles and prepares the equipment to be moved to the new laboratory. Once it has been transported, EMB Servicio Técnico, mounts and sets it up until its proper operation has been thoroughly checked.

Rental of temporary replacement equipment.

EMB Servicio Técnico can provide its customers with temporary equipment while their own is repaired.

Please request availability and rental fee pricing.


Technical Department
Alejandro Dosaula
José Luis Montané
José Luis Ortiz


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