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1st Meeting on fertility preservation with non-oncological patients Print E-mail
The 1st Meeting on fertility preservation with non-onological patients, organized by INSTITUTO DE FERTILIDAD, was held at the Centre de Cultura “SA NOSTRA” (C/ Conceptió, 12, Palma de Mallorca) on 10th February, 2017.

The session addressed the need and responsibility of gynaecological doctors to share their knowledge and experiences in the sector and to contribute in the improvement of the gynaecological surgery.

The meeting dealt with a number of interesting topics such as fertility preservation, oocyte vitrification, autoimmune diseases and therapeutic approaches, medical and surgical treatments, together with assisted reproductive techniques in patients of reproductive age with myoma.

During the meeting, Grupo EMB was pleased to assist all participants in providing them with additional information on our product portfolio in this gynaecology field.


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